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Jayme Gershen is a photographer, filmmaker and storyteller who uses intimacy and humor to investigate the variety of layers that make up our identities and sense of place. Jayme tries to see the world from all its angles, searching for surprisingly relatable ways to tell universal stories. She is currently developing an experimental documentary called Six Degrees of Immigration, exploring stories of migration that challenge perception. She is also working on a documentary called Birthright?!, a story of what it means to be American through the eyes of Cuban-American electro-pop Miami sweethearts, Afrobeta.

Jayme believes in seeing ideas through a cyclical process of life and death which defines both her approach and method to storytelling. Whether she is working on a film about second chances or an Instagram story about dementia, Jayme uses the cycle of life, death and rebirth to understand what parts of her projects are working, while also developing an understanding of how and where her voice fits into the story.

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