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Mr. Jay Berckley, M.M.A., is a passionate educator and serves as Dean of Arts (Pillar Head) at Episcopal High School (Houston). As an advocate, administrator, and consultant for children he has worked in public, non-profit, and proprietary aspects of education. Developing programs at the nexus of research and practice, Jay is a proponent of utilizing research-driven data and understanding modern neuroscience. These practices frame his work for building emotional esteem within children, while simultaneously providing a foundation for academic potential.

Jay is an impassioned performer. Having music in his life from an early age, his fluency in the arts encompasses more than professional education. As soloist, bandleader, and composer Jay’s music has excited audiences at NBC Studio’s Rainbow Room, The Bowery Poetry Club, B.B. Kings, Cleopatra’s Needle, The United Nations, Galapagos Art Space, and locally with the Houston Sinfonietta. Jay grew up near Detroit, which taught him to understand the growing dichotomy within urban and suburban learning environments. Moreover, studying the impact of local, state, and federal policy on educational outcomes fuels his belief that education not only needs more concerted attention and resources – it needs a paradigm shift altogether. Jay is married to his best friend, Monica Berckley. They have three amazing children, Madeleine, Lydia, and Tallulah, and now live in Houston, Texas.

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We have to become men and women of extraordinary impact. Men and women who aren't afraid to have bigger dreams, bolder dreams, and a vision for the future. Stop making excuses with the word impossible. Impossible is nothing. It's a dare. — Jay Berckley

Don't expect things to be easy and stop living in fear and being afraid to make mistakes and make better choices. Your dreams bring meaning to your life and they are worth the pain and they are worth fighting for. — Jay Berckley

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