Jarazet Altamirano on #DIVERGENT // LIVE ZOOM EVENT

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We are living through a time of radical change. These pressing times are asking us to think divergently and explore new ideas.

Diverging is all about the uninhibited exploration of new ideas to find connections and relationships between concepts, objects, and ideas that seem unrelated. But how can we make space for new ideas and creative energy? And, how can we connect the dots in unexpected ways? That’s exactly what this talk will explore! My goal is to share with you practical tools that can help you connect the dots in new ways…

I will share my journey of how my personal quest has helped her unfold divergent approaches to generate ideas and create innovations in an increasingly challenging world that requires greater sustainability, empathy, self-knowledge, collaboration and creativity.

This will be an invitation to discover your personal quest and how using divergent thinking you can find your inner passion, recognize the importance of your personal story and your relationships with others to unleash the potential of purpose-driven innovation.

We will discover how we can gain a sense of promise, self-fulfilment and empowerment as a result of embarking us in finding our own personal quest.

Innovation can happen in many ways but it’s in collaboration and the diversity of people that it flourishes… So, let’s explore it together!