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MYSTERY – Don’t explain your art (of life) As a creative person, an artist, a freelancer or digital nomad many of us have faced situations where our work or even our whole lifestyle has been questioned by someone. The way we make a living often remains a mystery to people that have a different concept of work or life and sometimes it even scares them. Never feel pressured to explain yourself! Be a little bit mysterious and soon you’ll be happier and also more successful.

About Jana Jana graduated from drama school in Berlin/Germany in 2012. Since then she has been working as an actress on stage, film and TV. She also does voice-overs, radio journalism, writes theatre plays as well as comedy for TV series and stage - last but not least - she is a qualified hospital clown with magician skills! Jana turned her passion for entertainment into her job on many different levels and while she was doing this she worked on her bachelor’s degree at the University of Cologne with the two majors „Linguistics & Phonetics“ and „African Languages, Cultures & History“. All these different experiences made her find a unique link between them by founding a company in Namibia which is focusing on children’s entertainment: The Fun Factory Namibia.

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