Ivan Touko

Hosted at Imagen Media House

part of a series on Muse

About the speaker

Ivan Touko is a 5th year undergraduate Co-op student enrolled in a bilingual Environmental Sciences and Conservation degree with a major in Land and Reclamation. He is currently working as an Associate Project Planner with the University’s of Alberta Office of Sustainability as part of his co-op. Ivan also recently attended the SDGs youth training and the latter has inspired him to start working on a few projects to raise awareness about the SDGs.

Touko spends his free time planning events and coordinating vibes under one of two of his ventures, Enjaillement Society and La Connexion Afro Latina. When event planning and vibe coordinating doesn’t keep him busy, he can be found choreographing dances and inspiring photographers all over the city. You can catch him on Instagram (@ivantouko) and see how he interacts, promotes, moves and entertains in Edmonton.

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