Hello there! I specialize in branding design, dabble in a bit of everything, and offer my services to organizations of all scopes and sizes. For me, design is truly all about communication. As I am a visual communication designer, I thrive on creating engaging work to connect your unique message to your intended audience. I achieve this communication through my technical precision, organizational skills, sometimes heavy caffeine doses, and thorough exploration into your project needs. When not working on client projects, I’m likely perusing instagram, listening to design podcasts (‘Design Matters’ is an all-time fave), exploring and adventuring around the city and beyond, or hanging out with pals. Please peruse my website for insight into what I do and my blog for further curiosities surrounding my life as a designer. I look forward to connecting with you! Cheers, -A

design research and design process

illustration! still a work in progress...

fail and fail often

tough... I admire a lot of people!!! but I admire them all because of their work ethic and how they constantly pursue their passions in life

teleportation! but my mortal power is organization ;)

marine biologist

information! dates, names, birthdays, places/addresses

I'd probably teach something about self-improvement or meditation

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