Make every moment count

Goethe´s Faust talks to the moment and says ““Verweile doch, du bist so schön” – “Stay a while, you are so beautiful”. Probably the most famous quotation in all German literature. On the next Creative Mornings Event Jens Roeper will try to create a moment to stay. He will think and talk about “what is a moment”, “how does a moment feel”, “what means “time” in that relation”? Moments are defined as emotional instants – and they are bigger than just a framed period of time. They stand for an experience at the instant moment or in the past, triggered by smells, sounds, tastes, feelings. Moments are individual. Moments can change your life. Moments make decisions. We will engage you to find out your moment and try to make you feel it. Never neglect your moment!

About the speaker

Jens Roeper is Executive Director at Designit, one of the world’s leading agencies for strategic design and innovation. He is a passionate industrial designer and expert in user-centered design. During the last 20 years, he has been gaining a deep expertise in creating meaningful brand experiences for major global companies in the automotive industry.

Jens Roeper obtained his Master in Product Design at the University of Essen. After first agency experiences in Germany, he moved to Italy and temporarily to Boston to work for Design Continuum, a global strategic design firm. He established the European counterpart of the strategy and research department of Continuum in the US. Prior coming to Designit, Jens moved to Austria, to assign for a partner position at Kiska Design, focussing on Motorcycles and Automotive Design.

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