Iris Jönsthövel speaks on the importance of tangible experiences

About the speaker

Iris Jönsthövel is a creative in the realm of tangible media and material design who is dedicated to creating new ways of communication & interaction that go way beyond the world of flat screens. Her method is rooted in experiment, curiosity and imagination which leads to designs with eclectic aesthetics - always with a dash of tactility. (

Iris has a longing for a wild, creative, intentional life and is a true believer of infusing the very day life with the beauty and wonder of the imagination. (@atelier.wildiris) Surrounding herself with bright minds from various types of disciplines has enabled her to connect the analytical with the conceptual perspective and develop a better understanding of both perspectives on the world.

She merges her devotion for the outdoors with a deep curiosity for the human experience, forming a delicate balance between mind and body in the concepts she designs. During her CM talk she would like to share her thoughts on how the role of designers is evolving in a rapidly changing world and how we as designers are able to utilise our sense of wonder to go beyond apps, websites and gimmick-like applications.

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