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The “ON” Switch for a Healthy Future

With a PhD in Neuroscience from Cambridge University, Irina has worked in some of the world’s leading academic labs and companies. Driven by a desire to help people live healthier lives, her professional field now also encompasses nutrition and nutrigenomics. A few years ago she founded LiveRight - an initiative to share her knowledge of nutritional science in the prevention of neurological disorders and wellbeing strategies.

Irina is especially passionate about helping children with Autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions, to maximise their potential in life. In pursuit of this goal she became the co-founder of STAR (Support Team for Autism Recovery) – a project uniting parents of children with Autism together with professionals in a unique support platform.

Today’s modern lifestyle has, in many ways, been reduced to survival! The chemical soup in which we now live, is constantly putting our health to the test. All of us are affected, but it is the younger generation who are impacted the most. The children of today face the prospect of shorter lives than their parents’! Accumulating generations of toxicity, nowadays, children struggle with a myriad of chronic diseases and conditions. However, the sparkling silver lining is that lots of these conditions can actually be reversed! Of this, Autism is the prime example! Let’s see precisely how ailments such as Autism, ADHD and even depression can become a thing of the past while we pave the road to a happy and healthy future!

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We live in a world where "medicine" has become toxic, "food" has become nutritionally depleted and heavily contaminated, and "toxins" are bioaccumulating in the body and passing from generation to generation. — Irina Schurov

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