INTENTION with Professor Sheizaf Refaeli

July 27, 10:00am - 12:00pm IDT. Hosted at The Hansen House - Center for Design, Media & Technology

part of a series on Intention

About the speaker

Professor Sheizaf Refaeli is the Head of the Center for Internet Research at the University of Haifa and a Senior Research Fellow at the Samuel Naeman Institute of the Technion.

Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli studies the design, use and impact of online systems, and is interested in their social, organizational, cognitive, educational, business, ethical and political aspects. His work, articles and books have been cited over 10000 times in the scientific literature. His Google Scholar profile is here: . His home page is here: and full academic CV is here:

Rafaeli is cofounder and editor of the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication (JCMC), and a member of several editorial boards of other academic journals and publishers. He holds a PhD from Stanford University. He has served as visiting professor at a number of major institutions including the University of Michigan, Stanford University, the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Technion, University of Sydney, Hong Kong, Fudan and ECNU Universities in China, Michigan State University, CIIM, IDC and more. Sheizaf has written a weekly column for the popular and financial press. He is a former (two term) head of the Graduate School of Management at the University of Haifa. Sheizaf produced a radio series for the broadcast university and participated in the production of several radio and television programs. Sheizaf is a member of the management of the national Center of Excellence (ICORE) for the study of Learning in the Networked Society (LINKS). He is coauthor and creator of the Digital Culture/Clutter MOOC on Sheizaf is a director in a range of NGOs, including the Wikimedia Foundation, NPTech, and Milestones.

Prof. Rafaeli has advised dozens of doctoral dissertations, and mentored numerous master’s theses and post-doctoral fellows in Israel and abroad. He has won a series of research, teaching and civic awards. In the course of his work, Rafaeli has raised research grants from national and international research foundations (ISF, GIF, EU, Tempus), as well as from various governmental and industry sources. He serves as consultant, reviewer, chairperson and invited keynote speaker in multiple venues, conferences and organizations.

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** עברית למטה ** Mark July 27nd on your calendars! And Join us for our monthly event, on INTENTION. Happy people and great coffee as always :)

Lecture by Professor Sheizaf Refaeli, Head of the Center for Internet Research at the University of Haifa and a Senior Research Fellow at the Samuel Naeman Institute of the Technion.

Digital Clutter- Pains and Gains of the Net : “Everything is increasingly immersed in the digital. Atoms are being replaced by bits. The interpersonal is morphing into something else, more virtual and less organic.

This talk is about the cultural, psychological, economic and sociological implications of these developments. Rather than falling into either utopian or dystopian traps, we will attempt a dispassionate analysis of what is happening. What gets lost in the exchange for the gains of the digital? What do we gain in return? Did we intend for all of this to happen, and do our intentions matter? We will ask the questions surrounding the Death(?) of Privacy, Distance, Center, Time, Tangibility, Books, Classroom, Truth, Conversation, Promise, Choice, Memory and perhaps even the Death of Death itself. What are intentions worth in a digital age?”

Tickets available on June 22th here:

הצטרפו אלינו לאירוע חודש יוני בנושא ‘כוונה’ INTENTION

ההרצאה העיקרית תועבר הפעם ע״י פרופ׳ שיזף רפאלי, ראש המרכז לחקר האינטרנט, ועמית מחקר בכיר במוסד נאמן בטכניון.

בשיחה פרופ׳ רפאלי ידבר על מה שהוא מכנה ״שאון דיגיטלי - על החיים ועל המוות ברשת״ : ״הכל הופך להיות יותר דיגיטלי. אטומים מוחלפים בפיסות. הבין-אישי משתנה למשהו אחר, וירטואלי יותר ופחות אורגני.

בהרצאה הקרובה נדבר על ההשלכות התרבותיות, הפסיכולוגיות, הכלכליות והסוציולוגיות של התפתחויות אלה. במקום ליפול לתוך מלכודות אוטופיות או דיסטופיות, ננסה לנתח את מה שקורה. מה הולך לאיבוד ומה אנחנו מרוויחים בתמורה בעידן הדיגיטלי? האם לזה התכוונו והאם הכוונות שלנו בכלל משנות? נשאל את השאלות סביב המוות (?) של פרטיות, מרחק, מרכז, זמן, מוחשיות, ספרים, כיתה, אמת, שיחה, הבטחה, בחירה, זיכרון ואולי אפילו מותו של המוות עצמו. מה שוות הכוונות בעידן הדיגיטלי?

ניפגש ב- 27.7 בית הנסן להשראה, ארוחת בוקר של קפה ״שרגא״ ומפגש! כרטיסים זמינים החל מיום ראשון 22/7 כאן: . הכניסה חופשית בהרשמה מראש