Three Malmö based artists share their work, process and love of ink.

About the speaker

Robert Wegner
Robert is an illustrator and graphic designer with his roots in the DIY indie/post-rock scene. With a passion for screen printed posters he enjoys creating heavy detailed imagery balancing between epic adventures and the serenity of sleep. His work includes merchandise for bands, covers for books and records as well as gig posters, art prints and illustrations.

Tovelisa is a freelance illustrator based in Malmö. She loves details and thin lines, and the blackness of real ink. And have a flair for animals, hand drawn typography and recipes. Right now she’s working on a coloring book for adults that will be released in April.

Karolina “Pistolina” Wojcik
Karolina is an artist/illustrator and DJ from Malmö, Sweden. Heavily influenced by urban street culture such as graffiti and hip hop, she lends techniques from the above-mentioned and mixes bold lines, typography and splashes of bright color in an illustrative, contradistinctive style.
One of the most frequent participants in the internationally renowned live illustration competition Secret Wars, she had several exhibitions at prominent Swedish art galleries and mainly commissioned as a mural painter, worked for companies such as Redbull, Qlikview, Cool Stuff and MTV.
As a DJ, besides frequenting clubs and bars in the Malmö/Copenhagen region, she’s a resident on national Swedish radio, featured and producing a monthly DJ show at P3 Din Gata.

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