Who said eating healthy had to be boring? Or that you shouldn’t play with your food if it promotes better appetite? With humor, Ida Skivenes aka #IdaFrosk shows us how to create healthy, colorful breakfasts for inspiration and enjoyment of food.

Norwegian artist Ida Skivenes turns her favourite dishes into art installations. Under her stage name Ida Frosk she started posting photos of her playful plates on Instagram in June 2012 and never imagined she’d gain a fan base. Today her accout @Idafrosk on Instagram has 270.000 followers. “I could never have dreamed of getting this kind of attention,” said Skivenes, who soon gave up her daily job at the Norwegian agency for statistics. “I just started on a whim and suddenly it just took off. … I’m just a regular girl who enjoys playing with food and sharing it as a hobby.”

That was a year ago. In the meantime, her hobby became a profession. Food companies fashion labels and international magazines ask her to illustrate ads, articles and covers with food. In doing this, Ida has 3 ethical principles: no meat, no sweets, 100 % eatable ingredients. And yes, even though they’re masterpieces, she eats them afterwards.

About the speaker

Ida Skivenes works as a full time food artist under the name IdaFrosk. With the unlikely starting point of a job in statistics, her life turned around when she started making food art on Instagram in 2012. She now shares her food plates with 250,000 followers, has had extensive international media coverage and works with well-known brands and organisations. Her book, originally in Norwegian and English, has just been published in German: “Kunst Aufessen”. Ida comes from Norway but currently resides in Berlin.

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    If you thought the Mickey Mouse pancakes you made for your kids on Saturday were a work of art, you’ve never seen what Ida Skivenes can whip up in the kitchen. Take a look at her Instagram album: http://instagram.com/idafrosk

    Jürgen Siebert