How to Get Everyone To Understand You

May 3, 8:00am - 9:30am CDT. Hosted at Atmosphere Coworking

About this FieldTrip

Look. Your dog already gets you, 100%.

But what about people at work - clients, and coworkers, and other stakeholders? Do they get you?

Do they understand what you have to offer and how awesome you truly are?

Stories help.

Stories get you a seat at the table.

Stories help other people say Yes to your ideas.

Best of all, storytelling is a skill - one you can learn.

In this hands-on creative workshop, Susan O’ Connor will help us take a different approach to storytelling. We’ll play board games and Mad Libs, talk shop about story, and create our own personalized narrative roadmaps!

You’ll come away with a set of storytelling tools that will make you more persuasive, effective, and compelling - to everybody except your dog.

Susan O’Connor is a writer, teacher, and storytelling consultant. Franchises in her portfolio have sold over 30 million copies and generated over half a billion dollars in sales. If you’ve got a story to tell, she can help you tell it. Find out more about her at

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