I'm a designer and illustrator who loves making highly intricate, detailed illustrations.

Technology, Wine, Cooking, Skincare, Travel, Nutrition, and Invisalign.

Staying accountable to my goals...if you want to start an accountability group with me, let's talk!

This may seem like a big deal now, but year from today, you probably won't even remember it.

Freddie Mercury. Like me, he grew up bullied and shy, but he became a different person on stage. He embraced his "flaws" and created a career from them.

I can figure out how to make just about anything...often on the fly. Sculpture? Check. Jewelry? Check. Last-minute elaborate costume? Check.

Sometimes I fantasize about becoming an adventure tour guide, leading groups around Europe by bike.

Lyrics to obscure songs from the 90s (Whatcha gonna do when you can't say no and the feelings start to show and I really need to know and....)

How to make my favorite protein smoothie.