How to create a User-centered Content Editorial

October 8, 12:00pm - 1:30pm EDT.

About this FieldTrip

The goal is to understand audiences, explore why you or your business connect to them, define content, and finally, create a plan of ideas that can be prototyped and tested.

Attendees will learn a method to organise their ideas when creating a content editorial. The outcome will be a plan drafted in a template provided during the workshop. It is for all content creators, professionals and non-specialists to ideate, test and create content solutions.

Participants will have an overview of the process and will be able to start creating their own design-led, User-Centered Content Editorial plan. The workshop is virtual, presented in an online whiteboard and the outputs will be shared on Google Sheets and Slides.

1 - Goals setting:
- Tools to research your audience
- Tools to define the benefits you offer to your audience

2- Content:
- Types of content
- Creating your editorial

3- Platforms
- Choosing platforms
- Listing formats and production needs

4- Reaching out:
- Tactics and tools to amplify your message

5- Prototype:
- Tips and tricks to experiment and prototype before sharing with the world :)

About your Host
Hi, I am Ana Bender, founder of FINK CONTENT, a design & content studio and author of a method to ideate and create content strategies, the ‘Creative Content Kit’. I see content as a way to communicate business values, brand statement, product and services benefits to the world. As a consultant, mentor, and teacher, I love working with independent businesses to craft ideas into content that will bring great experiences to their audiences and help their businesses to thrive. Find more at

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