Heidi Yu Spurrell on END

July 19, 8:00am - 10:00am HKT. Hosted at Spaces

part of a series on End

About the speaker

Heidi comes to us with a background in food policy, with her most recent research focused on the role of business in encouraging healthy sustainable diets that protects both human health and planetary health. Having recently moved over from London and Amsterdam, Heidi joined the team at Grassroots Pantry this year as Sustainability Communications Strategist. Her role amongst other things is to work with chef Peggy Chan in communicating sustainability challenges from a food and diet perspective.

Heidi’s personal goals are very much aligned with the Grassroots Pantry mission on ending the limited knowledge consumers have about sustainable food practices, catalysing the mainstreaming low-carbon lifestyles through food choices, in particular the normalising of plant-based diets. Heidi works across all three arms of the Grassroots Initiatives social enterprise of projects: Nectar the restaurant, Pollen Lab the academy and finally the Consultancy where the main efforts will be to share knowledge on sustainable food systems and to nudge food service operators to follow suit in getting on board the sustainability journey.

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