About the speaker

Heath Nash is interested in how things are made.

Heath studied fine art in Cape Town, majoring in sculpture. During his studies, Heath became something close to a designer, he developed a certain way of seeing and making that he still uses today. He used a process – the process of design, of play – to make objects that intrigued people.

In the past 10 years, he has been looking at ways of engaging with his heritage as an African thinker, craftsman, artist and designer. He loves making things, and has found that he is good at working with other people that make things too.

Now Heath is interested in using all his accumulated skill and experience to work with rural and urban producers in Africa and other communities, globally, to challenge ‘the machine’ and the standard systems of production that are so revered in the ‘West’.

Maybe as a part of this new climate (economic, climatic) that we all find ourselves in, there are answers to big questions in places that are not currently central.

Maybe making something from rubbish is a start, but maybe making something that makes people stronger in themselves is even more important.

Heath Nash cares.

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