Hazel shares how game design principles can keep us engaged with everyday activites by finding a state of flow

About the speaker

Dr. Hazel Bradshaw is an academic and game designer specialising in engaging design approaches for games, interactives and technologies. She is currently based in Wellington, applying her game design skills within LabPlus, an R&D team undertaking innovative service design at the heart of government. Hazel’s mission is to combine gameplay and technology to create more playfulness and meaning to our everyday interactions.

Hazel holds a PhD in Human Interface Technology specialising in game design practise and is the founder of Driedfrog Ltd, a gameplay consultancy and design studio. Hazel draws upon a background in visual arts and design innovation, and has held international academic positions lecturing in game design, creative technology and game art.

Fascinated by technology from an early age, Hazel will share her ideas for facilitating engagement and the unique parallels between gaming psychology and everyday life.

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