Günes Seyfarth on INVEST - Creative Mornings Munich January 2020 at Wework

About the speaker

“10 years ago I founded the Karl & Liesl e.V. kindergarden – named after Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt – two popular comedians. They once said one sentence that stuck with me: “We don’t need to educate our kids - they follow us anyway. So invest in yourself rather than telling others what to do.”

I personally grew up by being the youngest and uneducated one in my peer groups. That growing doesn’t just mean learning theoretically but trying to make it real. As someone who loves startups and being an entrepreneur, I learnt that startups need not just creativity but also solid financial stability because lacking money means living in a survival mode. And when you are in survival mode, you lack creativity and innovation (a death for many startups). So I saw through the years that fundraising money is the key to enable people to grow. In my talk, I will also address different types of fundraising and what I have learnt during those periods.

Making the difference means investing in yourself and developing everyday new skills to give the best you can for your clients and people.”

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