Greg Kloehn on the ingenuity & resilience of homeless communities

Greg Kloehn is an artist, sculptor, and builder who creates tiny homes for the homeless community in Oakland. He speaks on his process meeting folks who live on our streets and learning from them, and continues running workshops to build more homes today.

About the speaker

Gregory Kloehn is an artist and tiny house builder. He uses found materials, including illegally dumped items, to build unique mobile shelters for the homeless residents of his neighborhood. His efforts have attracted attention from all over the world, and from all types, from off-the-grid survivalists to the media (he’s been featured on Inside Edition, Rachel, and many other shows) to green-minded micro-home design enthusiasts.

He first became known for his designs in 2011, when he built a home in Brooklyn, New York out of a dumpster, outfitting it with granite countertops, hardwood floors, a rooftop deck and plumbing. Now he runs workshops in East Oakland building more tiny homes for the homeless, and travels around to teach other communities worldwide as well.

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