Gina Crotts

December 28, 8:30am - 10:00am MST. Hosted at Studio Elevn

part of a series on Context

About the speaker

Writer, artist, birthmom advocate, and public speaker- Gina Crotts

Growing up in Utah County, unwed pregnancy by age 19, Gina always found herself outside of the Utah cultural box. Shorty after placing her baby girl for adoption in the fall of 2000, she started her own non-profit organization, Birth Mother Baskets. Her goal was to provide hope, support, and courage for birthmothers, post placement.

After fourteen years of running Birth Mother Baskets and being an adoption advocate, Gina stepped away to pursue a corporate job as a Creative Arts Manager.

A severe concussion in 2016, led Gina back to rediscover her true passion for writing. She left the comforts of the corporate paycheck and is now writing a memoir.

Gina still lives in that cultural bubble of Utah County with her husband and three children. She enjoys changing people’s perception of birthmothers and their place in adoption.

You can find her writings at or follow her on Instagram at @ginacrottswriter.

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