“We are called human beings. But we are more human doings.”

We all have two realities: The first is the reality of matter, bodies, and relationships. These are the things you can see and touch. And the second is the unseen reality of energy, and it is the building stone of the whole cosmos. This reality is not tangible unless you quiet yourself, but once you do, infinite peace and creativity await you. Gert’s paintings are the visual manifestation of this energy. He likes to begin from a place of no thinking, and once he achieves that, the paintings just appear. “When your mind is working, you cannot be in the here and now. The mind can only exist in the past or the future. Here and now has nothing to do with thinking. We must learn to just be.”

About the speaker

Gert Johan Manschot‘s art is strongly influenced by a long-term study and teaching of meditation. Before painting, he meditates in front of the canvas and immerses himself in the HERE and NOW and the energy field around him. In the state of awareness of energy, the state of No-Thinking, he waits for the impulse to paint. When that moment arrives, his hand and brush move unpremeditated and the strokes capture the energy on canvas.

His process was captured in a documentary short, Art of The Moment from Brody Carmichael. View the film on Vimeo.

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