Intent is not about failing fast - it’s about learning.

Intent implies resolve, resilience, preparation, action, focus. Flow implies immersion, flexibility, joy, energized focus.

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Frits Habermann is a Landscape Photographer and tech entrepreneur. His passion is combining technology with art and using fancy words like “leveraging synergy” to explain what he’s passionate about. Most at home with a camera in the outback running from grizzly bears or melting his shoes on lava fields, he’s more frequently seen in his hoodie at PicMonkey HQ where he serves as its CEO. He spent 20 years at Adobe, where he co-founded Adobe InDesign and later ran the Core Technologies group. More recently, Frits served as CTO for PopCap Games and CTO/Head of Product at He holds degrees in both applied mathematics and computer science from Carnegie Mellon and University of Washington. Find Frits at and on LinkedIn.

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Resolve and resilience are different. Resolve is being determined to do something. Resilience is, while I'm doing something, I might have hardships and I have to push through those. — Frits Habermann

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