František Šusta shares his experience in training animals.

Animal trainer František Šusta believes in the power of positive reinforcement method. During his work with animals he has been treating them as partners and compares the training process to the one of a coach and an athlete. Finding common ground with beings that don’t share a language is not a MYSTERY to him.

About the speaker

RNDr. František Šusta, PhD. has been working as Animal Training Specialist in the Prague Zoo since 2008. Through workshops, practical trainings, articles and books, he propagates the positive reinforcement animal training methodology. He tries to seek new and better methods to make the coexistence of people and their charges optimal to both parties and to achieve the demands imposed by human on animals through dialogue and understanding instead of pressure and drill.

František was the first Czech to become member of the Animal Behaviour Management Alliance and International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association. He also became the holder of the historically largest collection of awards granted by the worldwide association of professional animal trainers.

Before starting his career of animal trainer in the zoo, František had founded the Zaobzor o.s. association in 2007, to propagate dog-fancier education at schools. Since 2012, he has been leading workshops and practical lessons particularly for dog, horse and parrot owners interested in positive reinforcement training. František is the author of two books on positive reinforcement training and is in process of writing the third one.

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