Galway-based artist Finbar McHugh talks about letting go of your fear to be able to do what you love.

About the speaker

Having received a BA in Visual Communications, Finbar McHugh learned how to express his ideas through painting, photography, typography and design, breaking down a message so that people would be able to see the truth. He initially started off painting graffiti because he was attracted to the freedom it allowed him to express with.

All of his experiences, including travelling all around Europe, helped him to open up and recognise that inside we are all the same and how we can learn through the many different experiences that life has to offer. This adventure lwas to his own self-acceptance and the beginning of his understanding of his path in life.

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Favourite creative morning talk! Re-watching today given the global situation we're in & it's so motivating to find your purpose, sit still and reflect.

Emma O'Connor