Passionate about employee experience, wellbeing and workplace culture. Creative lover, on the search for purpose and peace.

Workplace culture strategy and programming, wellbeing and employee engagement & retention.

Meditating! Chilling the f*ck out.

PNB - Mindfulness "Pause / Notice / Breath"

My folks - cliche, but we were hard work and they did a pretty good job! They always encouraged us to be confident & creative.

I'm genuinely interested in people, engagement, what makes them tick, etc. Very people curious and sociable. It's gets me places!

I would love to be yoga instructor, build art installations for festivals, world traveller on the search for inner peace.

Brunch spots. Good movies. Favourite artists/pieces of art.

How to do a handstand. How to fake it till you make it - story of my life ;)