Beyond Streetstyle with Alice Dansey-Wright

Hosted at The Whisky Bond

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Alice Dansey-Wright is a Glasgow-based artist and illustrator with a diverse practice that includes murals, workshops, visual moderation and textile design.

Alice has teamed up with CreativeMornings Glasgow to raise awareness about and celebrate the spirit of Fashion Revolution Week. On Friday 28 April Alice will be on-site offering a garment-painting service that will encourage members of the CreativeMornings community to give new life to their old denim. For a donation of £5 you can bring your garments (denim works best with 100% cotton a nice second) to the meet up and Alice will paint motifs inspired by April’s theme, ‘Beyond’ on to them- with all of your fee going to award winning local upcycling charity Rags to Riches.

Fashion Revolution is global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. Find out more at