What do movies teach us about robots?

About the speaker

Etienne Augé likes to think about the future. What if robots take over our jobs? Questioning ourselves ‘what if …?’ helps us inventing the future. Quite an interesting thought for such a progressive city as Rotterdam. This Frenchman likes to help us starting the debate and creates a floor for future-thinkers.

Etienne has an obsession for stories. This has led him to gain experience in a French embassy, a film production company, a consultancy firm and many universities in different places. He is now senior lecturer at Erasmus University, focusing on international relations, film studies and propaganda, with a passion for science fiction.

In cooperation with the Erasmus University, he recently founded CHIFT (Center for Histories of the Future). CHIFT is a research center that is aimed towards stimulating the debate about the future. The center wants to inspire people to ask the ‘what if?’ - question more often.

(Photography by Frank Ruiter)

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