CMEquality with IBM Fellow and “Mad” Scientist John Cohn

“July’s theme is equality, which is closely connected to the Internet of Things. You could say that Internet of Things makes people more equal – people having equal access to data and ideas. But is that completely true? I’d like to challenge us to explore how IoT is or isn’t increasing equality and what each of us can do to further improve equality in the communities we live and work in. Building things is what I love doing most, when I’m most creative, I’ll share some of my work process.”

About the speaker

John Cohn was once locked almost 60 days with nine strangers in an abandoned steel mill, with no electricity, no running water, and no communication with the outside world. This far-fetched post-apocalyptic survival scenario was the storyline of Discovery Channel’s technical survival show “The Colony”. The team had to invent the things they needed to sustain themselves using only the resources they could find in and around their warehouse. This experience shows John’s passion for science, engineering, as well as a desire to “make” things. He is an IBM Fellow (the highest honor a scientist, engineer, or programmer at IBM can achieve) currently working in Munich for the IBM Watson IoT Center - the only IBM global headquarters based outside of the US. His engineering success and passion is best demonstrated not only by over 70 patents, over 30 technical papers and 4 books, but also by the many friends John has all over the world who agree that he is the “Mad Scientist” you want to meet and work with.

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