Emma Hodgkinson

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Emma is currently a freelance writer. She began writing during her MA in Acting as a way to delve into the characters she was playing. But poetry quickly became a main focus when she independently published an anthology of her work. Getting Over Myself (and other people) is a beautifully curated set of poems exploring emotional highs and lows and trying to find something in the middle.

This month she will be exploring the theme RADICAL: “the choice to be brutally honest with ourselves, and how that can open us up to real transformation.” In her talk on Friday 20th November, she will be discussing how poetry can be used as a way to process emotion. She will explore Carl Jung’s studies on psychological development and how poetry can be used to take on a radical overhaul of ourselves through “auseinandersetzung” - or “having it out with ourselves” as Jung called it. Emma will also discuss being a radical advocate in 2020 and how she believes “the new radical is being able to acknowledge the problems within our own mindsets because by feigning perfection as activists, we become part of the problem”.

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