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Broken trust.

Why is trust the most significant capital? How does trust change our reality? When did we “break” the trust in the school system, the teachers, the students? When, how and why did we “break” the triangle “school-student-parent”? And how can we restore all this? Emil Jassim will start a conversation, which we will continue together.

Emil Jassim is, first of all, a teacher. He graduated History from Sofia University. He has been teaching History for eleven years and is also Program director of Centre for Educational Initiatives. With the project u4ili6teto.bg he realises an old dream of his - together with his colleagues to make quality education accessible to any Bulgarian student, no matter where he or she lives. And this dream is not only coming true but is also becoming a successful platform for the Bulgarian school. The project has 2700 trained teachers and more than 25 schools who are already using the educational platform for e-learning www.u4ili6teto.bg.

Besides everything else, Emil loves playing football because it is a collective sport and is to a large extent a matter of trust. Here we can’t miss to mention that he is also captain of football team Spartak Bilkova. What does Emo have trust in? In Bulgarian teachers. And students. He dreams of calmness and normality - that everyone does what he’s good at.

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