From grieving feelings when decluttering to joyful living.

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Farewell to belongings: from grieving feelings when decluttering to joyful living.

Eliette & Marieke Staub are 32 year old twin sisters and founders of the company Clarity. They offer decluttering services which they call Home Detox. Their objective: helping Swiss people living a simpler, happier and more joyful life through their decluttered living space.

Marieke is an interior architecture alumni of the HEAD who - prior to Clarity - worked for 5 years as an assistant director in the movie industry. Eliette studied English literature in Geneva and communication in Paris. She worked for 5 years in advertising, production and branding & packaging agencies.

The huge success of books like Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” has brought vast attention and lead to discussions on the importance and more specifically the impact of the objects we surround ourselves with. There is a shift in our society in the way we consume. We are more conscious and we are more concerned.

Decluttering also brings its share of hard feelings and difficulties. From the comparison with a grieving process to “death cleaning” - the newest way to declutter - Clarity will share their experience and expertise on people’s emotions when taking on a Home Detox.

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