Warning: The insights contained herein could induce an existential panic attack. Brace yourself.

The great thing about having Edem K. Garro as this month’s guest – not only do we benefit from her positive outlook, rich background and deep insights – what does it mean to live honestly? – we get an incredible performance to wrap it all up. Honestly, that’s pretty awesome.

About the speaker

Whatever she is doing – whether it’s singing, songwriting, motivating or mentoring – Edem K. Garro pours her soul into it, an attribute reflected in her professional byname: Edem Soul Music.

Edem sings in her native tongue, called ‘Ga,’ which originates from the Ga Tribe of Ghana, West Africa. After completing her 2017 UCA residency and winning the Omaha Entertainment Arts Award for Best Soul, Edem continues to shape her sound with the very instruments she was raised by.

You can catch Edem Soul Music at Slowdown, The Waiting Room and other local venues as well as area music festivals, including Omaha Under the Radar and AFROMAHA’s African Cultural Festival.

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When you live honestly, when you understand where you come from, when you understand who you are, when you are living your life with your passion, and the various purposes that may find yourself in in life, when you are living in that authentic way, you’re giving people the best version of yourself – always. — Edem K. Garro

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