Dylan Horrocks talks about the terror of the blank page, and how we all fear being criticised.

A drop of ink contains such potential. One of the essential base materials of so many art forms, it can be both bold and delicate. It can take the form of written word, illustration or tatau. And with its assistance, worlds can be created, tall tales spun, and personal history laid bare.

Who better to talk to the topic of ink then a master of the medium?

Author and illustrator Dylan Horrocks is one of the most original and authoritative voices on the New Zealand comic scene. On the last Friday of March 2015 we gathered at Studio One Toi Tū to dip our quills into the topic of Ink. Or the lack of Ink… Dylan talked about the terror of the blank page, the pressures of morality and how we all fear being criticised.

About the speaker

Dylan Horrocks is the creator of graphic novels Hicksville, Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen, a collection of comics stories and poems called Incomplete Works and the comic book series Pickle and Atlas, his work has been translated into multiple languages and has won or been shortlisted for numerous prizes around the world, including an Eisner Award in 2002. Dylan has also written Batgirl for DC Comics and Hunter: the Age of Magic for Vertigo.

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