“You don’t need permission from anybody. You need permission from yourself.”

Drura Parrish of MakeTime believes that now, more than ever, anyone can be an industry through making. Traditional notions of power disintegrate as the distance between idea and object disappears. The ability to create, make and do at the local level and on a global scale belongs to everybody now. Each person, for not a lot of money or training, can be an entire industry unto themselves.

We don’t need THEM anymore, but what we will make needs US. There is a revolution underway, and making is at its center.

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About the speaker

Drura Parrish is the CEO and founder of MakeTime, an online platform for companies who need CNC machined components produced and delivered quickly and efficiently. He is a successful entrepreneur and thought leader in digital fabrication, design, and object based economics.

In addition to entrepreneurial endeavors, Drura has taught graduate design and digital fabrication at leading design schools. He continues to lecture and conduct workshops on design, digital fabrication, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, he is active in policy, boards, and associations that promote the belief that everyone can be an industry through making.

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"I firmly believe that it is the most optimistic time that we've ever been in, because politics are dwindling, structures are dwindling...and you as the creator...can put things into the world in a way that nothing from the top-down can." — drura parrish

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