Drew Endy

October 11, 8:30am - 10:00am PDT. Hosted at Hollywood Theatre

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Drew Endy is an engineer who loves building with biology. As a researcher he has worked for 20 years to understand and reprogram living systems. As an educator he has helped develop free-to-use tools and materials enabling everyone to learn about and “dance” via biotechnology. His teams have been celebrated by Esquire, the White House, and many others. Ongoing projects include Synthetic Aesthetics, the BioBricks Foundation, BIOFAB, and his academic research. He is currently super excited about designing programmable objects in partnership with wood fungi.

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Biotechnology is too important to be left to biotechnologists. The design world, broadly defined, has a key roll to play in making sure that we don’t merely industrialize life. Join us for a discussion about designing and building with biology. From growing chairs from saw dust to making cheese with microbes from human skin, Drew Endy will take us on a tour of alternative biotechnologies, using design to break down barriers between “we the people” and the living world.