Dr. Cohen shares the monumental moments that have defined her STEM journey.

Dr. Cohen defines moments as Sticky, Squiggly and Magnetic. She asks, how will you take a moment to: inspire, connect, build, restore and empower someone today?

About the speaker

Dr. Cohen is the Site Director for the Summer Math and Science Honors (SMASH) Academy at UC Berkeley. Dr. Cohen is a native San Franciscan who earned her associate’s degree from City College of San Francisco and her B.S. in biology from Howard University. In 2010, she earned her doctorate in biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine. Dr. Cohen is passionate about changing the stereotyped image of STEM professionals. Having first-hand experience inside the STEM education pipeline, she understands the challenges and resources needed and brings a valuable skill set to leverage energy and intelligence with information and results. Drawing on her science background, she brings a highly analytic, data-driven and perceptive approach to solving problems. Not your stereotyped science geek, Dr. Cohen is a vibrant advocate with a unique talent for generating synergy.

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'You don't have what it takes. What's your Plan B?' I would hear this all the time. And mind you, at Hopkins, I was the only person of color on any floor in an entire building that wasn't there to clean a toilet. — Dr. Jennifer R. Cohen

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