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Anita Perng (@lunaxblue_) describes herself as someone who explores dance outside of her full-time job in health. She began exploring dance in 2015 and started training in local studios in 2020. She describes herself as currently sampling and experiencing different styles of movement ranging from choreography, specific styles like popping, and freestyle movement. She loves the idea of dance as a universal language, as well as learning nuances of different styles. She enjoys how dance brings together people of different backgrounds and mindsets under a common interest and spends her time managing local dance group dB Dance (Choreography and K-Pop Dance). She also participates in local groups such as UQ Street Groove and Lucid Moves Dance Studio.


Ruby Yu-Lu Yeh (@yehceramics on Instagram) is a ceramic artist, environmental scientist and high school teacher based in Meanjin/Brisbane. Born in Taiwan and moved to Australia when she was 11, Ruby grew up with a mix-culture that influences her artistic practice and world view. Having published scientific papers, and taught in high school, she is now diving into her lifelong passion for arts using clay to express her creativity. Ruby is intrigued by the possibilities of simple geometric shapes to form a sophisticated piece, such as stacked cube creations from slab-building. Ruby also loves working with organic tone and texture of various clay bodies to create unique patterns in her ceramic ware. Notably, the Kurinuki (Japanese technique of hollowing out a solid block of clay) cups revealing unique patterns when a solid block of clay is slowly carved out by hand. Whenever opportunities arise, Ruby strives to connect and collaborate with other people to discover new ways to create. Currently, she has started a clay challenge focusing on a slab-built cube for 365 days.


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