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Diana Rikasari is an award-winning blogger, entrepreneur, and author. Shy, often a wallflower, but a hyperactive shy wallflower.

Being active in the blogosphere since 2007, Diana has won several blog awards and become public speaker in various seminars and workshops. In 2011 and 2012, this blog ranked #1 in IndonesiaMatters.com, being the most visited blog in Indonesia across all blog categories. With these achievements, Diana has been appointed to become Brand Ambassador of various local and international brands, ranging from fashion to beauty to telecommunication products, as featured in various local and international media.

With her never-ending passion for creating, Diana is now popularly known as the author of the #1 mega-bestselling book in two countries (Indonesia & Malaysia) titled #88LOVELIFE which consists of her daily thoughts on love and life. This book has recently won the Best Book of 2015 Award for the Non-Fiction category by MPH, Malaysia.

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