Fashionpreneur & Influencer Diana confesses on her lowest moments in life, and how she got up and turned things around.

Apart from her outlook which often screams “girls-just-wanna-have-fun”, Diana shares a very serious view on love and live. We were beyond surprised to have her talking about her lowest moments in life, long before she became the Diana Rikasari we know and admire. She was the victim of bullying at school for her quirky and bubbly character in the oppressive environment back in 90s. Should she gave up being herself that time, she wouldn’t be the person she is now, who has successfully defined the new beauty in Indonesia.

About the speaker

Diana Rikasari is an Indonesian award-winning blogger, entrepreneur, author of a renowned book on the topic of ‘mindfulness’, and fashion designer. Her inspirations are derived from life and her surroundings. Diana injects humor and wit into her deliverables to create fun, memorable and most importantly, meaningful pieces of work. Either through her fashion designs or writings, Diana always tries to embed a message hoping that they can move and inspire others to do good, feel good.

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