Design Thinking at IBM: Behind the scenes

May 23, 9:00am - 10:30am EDT. Hosted at IBM

About this FieldTrip

“Good Design is Good Business.” Since Thomas J. Watson (former CEO of IBM) declared that in the 1950’s, design has been integrated into everything we do – from the products we build to the strategies that run our business. More recently, we’ve grown and scaled the Enterprise Design Thinking practice to ensure democratic and human-centered problem solving. We’re passionate about using Design methodologies in business and life and are excited to share this with you!

As design researchers at IBM, we (Hayley Yudelman and Ashley Graham) love learning about human motivations - and using that knowledge to make user-driven product + strategy decisions. Come join us in this workshop if you want to:
- Learn the basics of Design Thinking and Service Design
- See examples of how IBM uses these design practices to make organizational and product decisions
- Understand how to apply these practices to your own career, business, and life in general!

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