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Unmotivated motivational speaker and non-spiritual, self-appointed guru, Bryan Steiner has been everywhere and done everything. And before you ask, yes, he did that, too. This high school delinquent turned promising math student turned shepherd turned band manager turned producer turned promoter turned musician turned musical producer turned radio host is still on the wheel. And he apparently loves to spin. Currently being raised by three young children, he and his wife spend their days trying to get permission to go out. It does work occasionally.

In his professional life, Bryan is producing several upcoming events and looking for a new home for his radio show, It’s Alive.

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The more you can see yourself as a collective and not as an individual… Actually, the more you go backwards in that one and not forward, is the less you'll be afraid in life of change, of adaptation, of things happening to you, and of dying. Because they're all the same. — Bryan Steiner

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