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DRES is most certainly a man of the people! His energy when hosting stage events has always been fun, positive, and is rather contagious. I followed his first adventure to China on FB, and his daily videos and posts actually made me "feel" as though I were along for the ride. The genuine appreciation & excitment about that excursion makes it obvious that he loves what he does. His familiarity of various music genres and the world of live music in general shows that his love comes from many perspectives. He tackles the world with the view of an artist, a composer, a producer, a promoter, a merchandiser, a businessmen, a citizen and most of all, from the eyes & heart of a true fan. He is familier with much of what Atlanta has to offer in regards to live entertainment, and has seen our beautiful little town explode and watched the transition towards many tiny facets, particularly when including the impact of the filming industry. He has been a conduit for connecting people in a way that not only honors the individual slivers of what's currently happening, but amplifies sparkle of the overall Jewel that Atlanta is on the brink of becoming. I don't recall ever seeing him see him "sit this one out" when given an opportunity to share his wisdom, vision, and hopes for the musical future of our city, as well as overall lessons of life. I've watched him identify and connect various people in order to hash out potential paths which will lead us to become the best of the best! I'm very glad that you have recognized this humble entertainer, & I'm looking forward to seeing the results of his ongoing collaborations, aka his "labor of love". He is for real, and continues to lift up and combine the plethora of entertainment entities, and opportunities, here in the ATL. Because he is consistent, has a proven record of success (personal and otherwise), & has embraced such great intentions for our city, I will remain supportive of his journey & will continue to FOLLOW THE HAT ! :-)

Lisa Daly

Thanks for inviting DRES to be a speaker. He has done a lot to build and represent Atlanta's image as a creative hub. He has inspired a lot of creatives to contribute to this city's economy.

Maurice Garland