Cyrus Daruwala

Hosted at École Intuit Lab

part of a series on Empathy

About the speaker

Cyrus Daruwala is currently Creative Director at Alok Nanda & Company (ANC), a leading advertising & design firm.

Cyrus wears many hats, and also plenty of t-shirts. Author, illustrator, copywriter, cartoonist, designer – are some of the roles he’s fulfilled and is keen on expanding that list.

He has authored and illustrated 2 books – ‘I Take This Train Too’ & ‘Painful People’ and both titles have received multiple design awards (including the Kyoorius Design Awards). His work is tied in with a central theme – a humorous and illustrative examination of an unusual cross-section of people. Based in Mumbai, the city provides the canvas, the context and the fodder for much of his non-advertising ventures.

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