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Cristian Neagoe (1984, Bucharest) studied Philosophy at the University of Bucharest, specializing in Applied Ethics and European Studies. He has worked as a librarian, PR, publisher, curator, producer and event organizer in Bucharest and New York for organizations such as Cărtureşti, Romanian Cultural Institute, British Council, Goethe Institut. He is the founder and organizer of Street Delivery and Train Delivery, the most popular festivals for public space and urban experiments in Romania. He has written about art, activism and ethics in magazines in Romania and abroad, including Dilema Veche, Suplimentul de Cultură, Decât o Revistă, Liternet, Șapte Seri, Playboy, FHM, TABU, Republik, Omagiu, Hardcomics, Aooleu, Țâțe și Ţaţe, Umelec (Czech Republic), Circostrada (France).

In 2008 he organized in New York one of the most discussed and controversial Romanian exhibitions of the last decade, Freedom for Lazy People, which invited street artists from Romania to represent the New York realities through a local underground filter, and exhibited a work that will become emblematic for the conflict between traditionalist and contemporary Romanian art: the Pink Pony.

He was the senior editor of the weekly Șapte Seri for three years. He has translated into Romanian the works of Art Spiegelman (Maus), John Kennedy Toole (The Neon Bible), John Pinder (The European Union), Patrick Marber (Closer), poems and short stories by Charles Bukowski for Polirom, ALL and ART. He is performer and PR of The Institute of Change, a contemporary dance performance produced by the National Dance Center of Bucharest.

He coordinated the communication strategy of the Darwin’s Room project by Adrian Ghenie, who represented Romania in 2015 at the Venice Biennial of Art. He was a communication and PR strategist for Making Waves, the Romanian Film Festival in New York, within the Film Association ETC. presided over by former Culture Minister Corina Şuteu, as well as 42 Km Film (Ana Szel, “Burta Balenei”, 2010), Strada Film and Metropolis Film (Cătălin Mitulescu, “Dincolo de calea ferată”, 2016), Aparte Film (Anca Damian, “Perfect sănătos”, 2017). He was a cultural communication consultant for Red Bull Romania and guest curator of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest and Active Watch (“Normalitate, ce cuvânt brutal!”, 2016).

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