CreativeWeekend Restoration

Hosted at Sync Dallas

part of a series on Survival

About this FieldTrip

Come restore your creative energy at Sync Dallas with some light yoga and guided meditation by Charles Gaby, an Integrative Yoga practitioner with a specialty in helping creatives clear creative blocks.

About the speaker

Charles Gaby is a gifted communicator who has helped thousands of people better understand their own emotional dynamics and develop the skills needed to succeed in multiple aspects of their lives. His clients range from individuals, couples, and private groups to public school systems, non-profits, governmental agencies, corporations, and executives. Charles is the former president of the Tomkins Institute. Currently, he is the Director of Training for the Institute for Restorative Communities, and together with his wife, is the owner of Sync Yoga & Wellbeing.

In addition, after 20 years of incorporating yoga as an important self-care practice, he now brings together the insights of Affect Script Psychology, Creation Spirituality and Yogic practices into what he calls Integrative Yoga. Integrative Yoga is an experience that is hard to describe. And it continues to evolve as he practices it in classes at Sync. It includes familiar asanas along with Centering Cues, Facial Yoga, Interactive Expressive Exercises and more. Charles believes that Integrative Yoga has the power to transform your life.