J O Y F U L | H E L P F U L | H U M A N || A native North Carolinian from a big, loud family who now lives in Dallas. I am forever learning and trying to find balance in being my best at my job while pursuing creative endeavors all while helping as many people as I can while keeping my GIF game strong.

Laughing (with a last name like Butt, it was laugh or cry), big families, photography, recognizing the good and potential in others, helping people accomplish their goals, and choosing joy.

Dancing. But really.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is facing a hard battle." It wasn't until I faced my biggest, hardest battle (loosing a loved one to cancer), that I truly appreciated the blind kindness of others.

Professional Best Friend. I'm great at hugging and listening and offering support/encouragement but am willing to tell you straight up when that (person/place/thing) is not worth your time, I have a gif for almost any situation, I tend to make theme songs for my best people, I have perfected the "bad day" and "first day of fall" gift baskets, and I find the best BuzzFeed quizzes.