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Foxi Von Riga is an international artist living in Brussels. She taps into the flow of life to create her art, which is sensual and exuberant.

Foxi is enchanted by color - its energy, its role and influence on our lives sometimes too mystical to explain through science and logic. She portrays deeply spiritual aspects of our existence through metaphors and archetypal images of familiar objects – such as fruit and flowers – and surrounds them by intricate shapes, characteristic of her unique style.

Marcel Paquet, philosopher, writer and author of many books about such artists as René Magritte, Fernando Botero, Bram Bogart, Alexander Calder and others, wrote about Foxi Von Riga’s art:

“Every form dissimulates the endless movement of the forces which compose it; Foxi von Riga brings these forces to light, and gives visual expression to their vibrations, their dancing, whirling intricacy.”

To learn more about Foxi’s art, visit her web site or join her community on Facebook. Foxi is also on Twitter

At CreativeMornings, she will talk about Color as a metaphor for life. Color is an omnipresent force in our lives - but could it be a symbol of life itself? For Foxi Von Riga, color is a metaphor for life and its flow. If we embrace color in all its splendor, we begin to paint the canvas of our lives more creatively, more fully, more passionately.

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