Brendan Jan Walsh speaks on the joy of finding moments of silence (even in music).

A cellist, composer and conductor may seem an unusual choice for the theme of silence. But Brendan Jan Walsh believes that the quiet moments within a performance are the most crucial. Quoting Claude Debussy, he asserts that “music is not the notes themselves, it’s the space between them” and his talk encourages us all to find the joy in the moments without the audience’s applause.

About the speaker

Brendan Jan Walsh (European, 1979) jacks many trades. He still believes in the uomo universale. Perhaps this explains his studies in music, languages and business. Perhaps it clarifies his urge to try out new ideas.

As a cellist, composer, conductor, consultant, DJ, lecturer, presenter and producer, he builds bridges between music genres, art forms, professional fields and societies. Whether it happens by means of a Classical Music Rave, a Book Partification or a new country…. Brendan enjoys composing possibilities and challenges his fellow creatures to play along. #homoludens #Farfarago

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