Craig Martell likes to be brutally honest, but was it always the best policy?

About the speaker

Martell does a lot of things for the city. He runs Double Lunch Productions, a local record label that promotes dynamic genres of music. He ran the beloved and late Wunderbar, booked acts for the Buckingham, and now programs entertainment for the Rec Room in South Edmonton. He also works as a comedian, a designer, and a community advocate.

When he saw his friends leave for bigger cities in search of a more viable entertainment industry, Martell started an initiative called STAY IN EDMONTON, to help motivate creative talent to continue living and making in our city. Through his community actions and initiatives, Martell is a low key creative byway for people to connect, produce, collaborate, promote, ship music and of course, share a meal together in our city.

Craig wants to make Edmonton a place to secure talent and to facilitate more moments for people who create in our city, and rally against the creative drain of Edmonton: “It’s … troublesome when people who are really young feel like they have nothing else to achieve here in Edmonton, when you can. You have to think of new things to achieve.”

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